With traditional pipe replacement, it can take days or even weeks to get the job done, destroying landscaping, decks, pools and patios in the process. Using a revolutionary pipe lining technology, Ciriello Plumbing can quickly, easily and effectively repair traditional sewers as well as vertical pipes without damage to your floors, walls or yard.

The result — pipes are restored to their full flow capacity and function, better than new and in less time than traditional replacement or repairs. In many cases, we can complete the pipe lining process in just 24 hours!

A cost-effective solution

While you might expect a pipe repair promising less disruption and higher performance to cost more, you will find the Ciriello Plumbing solution to be price-competitive and far less destructive to your home and yard than traditional pipe replacement.

Better, longer lasting result

Not only is our approach to repairs faster and easier, but hydraulic tests prove this technique restores at least 100% of original flow capacity despite the minimal loss in pipe diameter.

How It Works

When excavation is unwanted or simply impractical because of the significant damage it would cause to landscapes, decks, patios, pools and basements, Ciriello Plumbing has an alternative, mess-free approach.

  • We view your pipes from the inside, using a miniature TV camera.
  • All blockages and debris are cleaned out.
  • A felt tube, saturated in a special epoxy resin, is inserted into your existing pipes with compressed air.
  • Air pressure allows the liner to fit tightly against the existing pipe walls.
  • The liner cures and hardens completely within hours.
  • Once hardened, any smaller pipes feeding into your repaired pipes are internally cut open to restore flow.

The result: A renewed “pipe-within-a-pipe” that performs as reliably, if not better, than a brand new pipe!

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